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Integrated Equipment, Inc, based in Houston, Texas, designs, manufactures and distributes equipment used in the drilling and production of oil and gas worldwide. Integrated Equipment, Inc's standard products include Ram and Annular Blow Out Preventers, Pulsation Dampeners, Wellhead X Mas Tree Components, Expanding Gate Valves, FC Type Valves and related internal components. We also have the capability of building custom products for our client base.

Integrated Equipment, Inc.'s products are used worldwide by Well Servicing Contractors, Rental Tool Companies, Land and Platform Drilling Contractors, as well as Major and Independent Oil Companies.

Integrated Equipment, Inc. Ram and Annular Blowout Preventers meet all requirements of API 16A. Also, our Manufacturing Quality Standards conform to and are accredited per ISO 9001. All Wellhead Products are manufactured under Integrated Equipment's API 6A license. Our Pulsation Dampener Line Is ASME U And U2 Stamp encoded and carries CRN approval. Each and every Integrated Equipment, Inc. product has unique design features based on years of operational experience. This benefits our customers by giving them the most flexible and cost effective products in the industry.

Integrated Equipment, Inc. strives to broaden and strengthen our existing relationships. We also want to establish lasting and mutually beneficial associations with new companies and individuals worldwide. We look forward to your getting in contact with Integrated Equipment, Inc. to explore ways in which we can work together.