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Areas of Excellence Integrated Equipment
Research and Development
Integrated's Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design teams continuously conduct collective R&D to improve our product designs and manufacturing processes. This R&D effort has helped us increase efficiency and eliminate rejection rate in manufacturing. R&D in our manufacturing methodologies has resulted in reduced machining times and higher production rates thus providing a more competitive offering of products to our end clients. Integrated also practices R&D in operating systems. We implemented the J.D. Edwards system of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in our manufacturing location and which will be extended to distribution and service points in the near future. R&D in our systems and operating processes has resulted in better communication and a leaner organization.

Design Philosophy
Integrated products are designed with a philosophy that key parts need to be interchangeable with other similar components in popular OEM brands. Although we make every attempt to improve designs for better performance, simpler operation, and greater reliability, it is still an essential practice to design for interchangeability and standardization. This design philosophy helps our clients service our products in the field easily and helps them reduce inventories of spare parts. Integrated staffs an in-house product design team with degreed engineers and designers. We conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on all our products and have the ability to conduct additional design analysis if required by end users.

Product Engineering
The Integrated product mix has grown exponentially over the years through the process of being responsive to customer needs. We pay special attention to product engineering and continually develop new products to expand our product base. Our engineering team is a group of highly qualified professional and motivated engineers dedicated to assuring that products being introduced are thoroughly engineered, evaluated, reviewed, and tested to the highest standards of excellence. We use materials that meet or exceed API and ASME standards. We continually review existing products for possible improvements that lead to better performance, simpler operation, and greater reliability. We keep a Certified Professional Engineer on staff to assist in product engineering calculations, verifications of product development data, conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and helping to maintain compliance on our ASME and API certifications.

Global Presence
Integrated has continually improved its ability to reach customers quickly over the 15 years of operations. With a company headquarters located in Houston, Texas, USA, and a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pune, Maharashtra, India, these two key locations are able to offer a total combination of sales, administration, service, and repair. Add to those key sites the other company sales locations in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and finally, add agent representatives covering the Mid-Continent U.S.A., Eastern U.S.A., Rocky Mountain U.S.A., Kuwait, Algeria, Indonesia, Mexico, and Colombia. What you get is total global coverage with the ability to respond to any oil and gas equipment needs.
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