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BOP Hydraulic Control Systems, BOP
Hydraulic Control Systems

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BOP Hydraulic Control Systems

Integrated Equipment BOP Control Units are manufactured in the USA utilizing components which are standard within the industry. All skids and tanks are manufactured from heavy duty structural steel.

Accumulator Bottle:
ASME – "U" stamped, seamless nonwelded, bottom or top loading with 1-1/4" or 2" NPT ports and rated @ 3000 psi.

Manifold Headers:
Both accumulator and control valve headers are machined complete from non-welded mechanical tubing and are rated @ 5,000 psi.

Options include electric, gasoline, diesel, air powered or manual hand operated. All pump systems come with suction strainer and check valves on discharge manifolds.

Hydraulic Control Manifold:
Valves and regulators are stainless steel internal trim fitted. The control valves may be fitted with air or hydraulic cylinders for remote control. The regulator operators are either manual, air diaphragm, hydraulic pilot or KR-failsafe motor drive (air or hydraulic).
Remote Control Panels:
Conventional panels are air remote with optional KT - 3600 type diaphragm transmitters. Panel size options are free standing driller’s and auxiliary and the mini-remote which is wall or hand rail mounted.

Electric control panels utilizing PLC’s offer low voltage explosion proof driller’s panel and light weight small diameter electric cable for ease for handling and transport. They are available as electro pneumatic or electro hydraulic systems.

BOP Hydraulic Control Systems
Unit Size Tank Size All Bottles Valve Stations
Gallon Gallon Gallon Quantity Quantity Inches
5 10 5 1 1 1/2
5 10 5 1 2 1/2
20 30 10 2 1 1/2
30 50 10 3 1 1/2+1
30 50 10 3 2 1/2
33 50 11 3 3 1/2 + 1
60 90 10 6 1 1
80 120 10 8 3 1

Capacities From 20 TO 80 Gallons :
Heavy duty skid or trailer mounted
Pump options: Air, elctric, diesel, gasoline, manual (hand) or rig hydraulics
C- series tri plex is powered by direct drive electric, diesel or gasoline engine with maximum output of 4.9 gpm. This system is well suited for work-over applications.
Control valves and regulators are available in 1/4" to 1" sizes.
BOP Hydraulic Control Systems

Hydraulic Test Units :
High pressure test systems allow on-location testing of BOP stacks, choke and kill manifolds and wellheads.
Working pressure range is 3,000 to 30,000 psi.
Standard Models are wheel mounted without a tank or skid mounted with or without a tank.
A Chart recorder may be added as unit mounted or on a separate stand.
Test Hose Assemblies are available in lenghts of 50 feet and working pressures from 10,000 to 36000 psi.
BOP Hydraulic Control Systems