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Engineered Products

Engineered Products

Integrated Equipment manufactures custom products for our clients to fulfill their specific needs. We utilize our expertise in API and oilfield applications plus knowledge of required materials and working conditions to manufacture and deliver high quality engineered products according to customer needs. Our Elastomer Products division can develop and deliver customized elastomeric products manufactured for specific client applications.

The Integrated Equipment technical team works with a client to understand and communicate the client’s technical data which includes prints, specifications, and customer preference requirements such as aesthetics of the product. The product may also be presented to Integrated in partially machined form or a fully functioning assembly. Following engineering and design work, Integrated then presents a complete package to clients with detailed prints and technical data for the client’s approval. Once the client has reviewed and approved this package, Integrated will build the first prototype and deliver to the client for approval. Following client approval, Integrated will move forward with production.

Integrated’s global presence and understanding of oilfield requirements presents a great advantage to service the client and provide the required supply chain.

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