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Wellhead equipments are necessary in connecting the tubing and casing to an oil or gas pipeline. The casing is a permanently-installed pipe for lining the well hole to provide pressure containment and prevent collapse. The wellhead equipments are known as the flanged devices that are attached to the casing. The wellhead equipments are useful in suspending the casing strings and help seal the well.

Wellhead equipments include other components such as casing heads, casing spools, tubing head spools, tees, and crosses. The casing head is part of the connection between the casing and the wellhead equipment itself. Usually, many pieces of wellhead equipments are assembled together into one wellhead equipment that is called a "Christmas tree". These wellhead equipments are important for the tubes to be placed into the well while valves and chokes are used to control the flow of oil and/or gas at the surface. Wellheads and wellhead equipments may be located on offshore platforms, in sub-sea locations, or onshore.

The expanding gate valves that are offered by us have the best standard trims with F-1 seats. We use Forged/cast body in alloy or stainless steel for the expanding gate valves we manufacture. The expanding gate valves created by us conform to API 6A standards. Trims are available for sour gas applications in expanding gate valves. Expanding gate valves provide positive sealing.

The expanding gate valves by us are full bore through conduit valves with rising stem and parallel expanding gate and segment for tight mechanical seal and positive shut-off, both upstream and downstream, and under both low and high differential pressure. This unique design of the expanding gate valves has proven performance in critical applications all over the world.

The mentioned expanding gate valves are used in various industrial areas such as isolation valves in power plants, ESD valves in production, block valves in process systems, high temperature valves in refineries, and pipeline valves in critical areas. These expanding gate valves manufactured by Integrated Equipments are available in all the sizes, pressure ranges, and trims used in piping systems requiring the positive shut off of liquid or gas.