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Pipe Wipers are manufactured from a proprietary engineered rubber compound. This material is extremely resistant to both water and oil-based drilling mud’s giving it a long life. The compound has excellent wear properties including resistance cutting, tearing and abrasion. They are available, as a standard, in red or black.

resistant to
both water
and oil-based
drilling mud’s
giving it
a long life

Regular Dual Wipers

The Regular Dual Wipers are molded as single unit to provide a flexible, double wiping action on drill strings where oversize tool joint and pipe protectors are used. They are light and easy to install. Top and bottom wiping elements are spaced in such a way as to prevent mud caking yet the complete unit is still thin enough not to interfere with operation of the master bushing. Two steel reinforcing rings are used to prevent collapsing.

Specification :

Regular Dual Wipers
Part Number Description Weight(lbs)
80-100-RD-14 14"Regular Dual 14
80-100-RD-17 17"Regular Dual 23
80-100-RD-19 19"Regular Dual 23
80-100-RD-22 22"Regular Dual 48
Regular Dual Wipers

Pipe Wiper, Regular Dual Wipers Manufacturers

Split Dual Wipers

Designed for applications on drill pipe where a solid master bushing is used the Jemel Split Dual Wiper is molded with split spring-steel reinforcing rings. Tear-proof slots are cut through the outer edge of the wiper for ease of installation. This feature allows the wiper to be opened up and threaded around the pipe under the raised master bushing prior to removing the drill pipe from the hole.

Specification :

Split Dual Wipers
Part Number Description Weight(lbs)
80-100-SD-14 14"Split Dual 16
80-100-SD-17 17"Split Dual 23
80-100-SD-19 19"Split Dual 30
80-100-SD-22 22"Split Dual 48
80-100-SD14R 14"Split Dual,Red 16
80-100-SD17R 17"Split Dual,Red 23
80-100-SD-19R 19"Split Dual,Red 30
80-100-SD-22R 22"Split Dual,Red 48
Split Dual Wipers

Type F Wipers

Jemel Type "F" wipers are especially designed for use on drilling or workover rigs which have little room below the master bushing. As with all Jemel wipers, regardless of style, operators report that the Type"F" wiper gives exceptionally long service under severe operating conditions. Type "F" wipers are available in pipe sizes ranging from 9" through 26".

Pipe Wiper, Regular Dual Wipers Manufacturers,
Specification :

Type F Wipers
Part Number Description Weight(lbs)
80-100-TF09 9' Type "F" 3
80-100-TF09 W/O 9' Type "F",W/O Insert 3
80-100-TF12 12" Type "F" 5
80-100-TF12 W/O 12' Type "F",W/O Insert 3
80-100-TF14 14" Type "F" 6
80-100-TF14 W/O 14' Type "F", W/O Insert 6
80-100-TF17 17" Type "F" 12
80-100-TF19 19" Type "F" 18
80-100-TF22 22" Type "F" 19
80-100-TF26 26" Type "F" 26
80-100-TF14R 14" Type "F",Red 6
80-100-TF17R 17" Type "F",Red 12
80-100-TF19R 19" Type "F",Red 18
80-100-TF22R 22" Type "F",Red 19
80-100-TF26R 26" Type "F",Red 26
Type F Wipers

: All pipe wipers molded to fit 2 3/8” pipe wiper cutter assembly available upon request.