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Wellhead, Blowout Preventer
Blowout Preventer
Annular Blowout Preventers are compact BOP’s which can reliably seal on most any shape or size in the preventer. It has proven to be able to seal on kelleys, drill pipe, tool joints, drill collars and casing. The Integrated Annular also provides the ability to safely strip drill pipe in and out of the hole.
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Wellhead Equipment
All IEC-22 and IEC-29 heads have standard API Flanges. Optional lockdown screws (two) for bowl protectors or (multiple) for annular seal compression can be provided on request.
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Pulsation Dampeners
Integrated Equipment offers a range of Drilling and Production Pulsation Dampeners that are unique in design and construction. Integrated Dampeners are available from 1 gallon to 20 gallon capacities and in pressure ranges from 285 psi to 7500 psi. The bodies for both styles are of single piece construction which eliminates the possibility of weld failures in the field. The charging valve for both the Drilling Dampener and the Production Dampener are protected by heavy duty impact resistant protective covers.
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Elastomer Products
Pipe Wipers are manufactured from a proprietary engineered rubber compound. This material is extremely resistant to both water and oil-based drilling mud’s giving it a long life. The compound has excellent wear properties including resistance cutting, tearing and abrasion. They are available, as a standard, in red or black.
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API 5CT Products
Integrated Equipment is a major distributor of API 5CT and 5L couplings in the Americas and worldwide. We stock and distribute API 5CT Tubing and Casing Couplings in various sizes and grades from a 1.315”OD up to a 5.00” OD in J55/K55 and N80 and L80 grades. In addition, we stock and distribute API 5L Line Pipe Couplings in 2.00”, 3.00” and 4.00” OD and other
specialty tubing couplings..
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Engineered Products
Integrated Equipment manufactures custom products for our clients to fulfill their specific needs. We utilize our expertise in API and oilfield applications plus knowledge of required materials and working conditions to manufacture and deliver high quality engineered products according to customer needs.
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