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Integrated maintains an organizational culture, commitment, and determination to achieve excellence in quality and complete customer satisfaction by delivering defect-free products and unmatched service on time every time through continuous improvement in all processes.

API Certification 5CT-0822   API Certification 6A-0851   API Certification 16A-0197

ISO 9001-2008 Certificate   U2 Stamp Certificate   U Stamp Certificate
NB Certificate   R Certificate  
ABSA Registered CRN Numbers
Size Pressure CRN Number
1G 285 V2309.2
1G 1480 V2308.2
1G 3705 V2307.2
1G 6170 V2304.2
2.5G 285 V2301.2
2.5G 1480 V2300.2
2.5G 3705 V2295.2
2.5G 6170 V1848.2
5G 285 V1847.2
5G 1480 V1846.2
5G 3705 V1845.2
5G 6170 V1844.2