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Elastomer Products, Wiper Cutter Assembly

Elastomer Products -

Wiper Cutter Assembly

Specification :
Part Number Description
81-100-7005A Complite Wiper Cutter Assembly
81-100-70051 Aluminium Base
81-100-70052 Stationary Spindle
81-100-70053 Rotating Spindle
81-100-70054 Handle & Blade Holder
81-100-70055 Blade
81-100-70056 Handle Screw
81-100-70057 Base Plate Pad
81-100-70058 Paddle for Dual Wiper
81-100-70059 Wooden Spacer for Type "F" Style Wiper
81-100-70060 Aluminium Blade Setting Jig
Wiper Cutter Assembly

NOTE : The aluminum jig makes setting up to cut pipe wipers accurately. Simply place the aluminum jig over the spindle. Set the blade in the appropriate groove and tighten the spindle bolt. The jig takes the guess work out of cutting wipers and can be used in the field as well as the shop or warehouse. Weight = 30 lbs.